Hello! I’m Kelvin, a Los Angeles based puppeteer, and theater technician among other things.

I watched puppet shows growing up, and a question has always fascinated me: “I know I’m watching a bunch of wood and fabric, and one guy is voicing all these characters – but why do I care? Why do I even care about what happened to the characters?”

Over the years, I’ve watched more puppet shows, took more puppeteering training, went to various puppet festivals, and performed in various shows. The intrigue never stopped. Puppetry is such a give-and-take between the performers and audiences. We are asking for your buy-in with imaginations, and suspension of disbelief. When that works out, it’s a wonderful thing to experience.

In addition to puppetry, I’m interested in most aspects of theater (and miss it very much during this whole pandemic). I really enjoy tech booth work (as in lighting and sound) as well. You can find me running tech for most shows hosted by the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry.