My Christmas / New Year Videos

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Four puppets popping out of gift boxes

I’m known among my friends for sending out a Christmas / New Year video every single year. It started out as a proof-of-concept, just to test out my camera, new video editor, and green screen technique. I was happy with the result. The next year, I made another one just because I was really amused by a pun I came up with. And I kept going and have now done videos for 9 years in a row!

Sometimes it gets tricky, because I’m writing about the same theme over and over. But it turned out to be a great practice for looking at different facets from different angles. And the built-in deadline also teaches me much about getting a piece of work released instead of tinkering with it forever without ever finishing.

Some Other Videos I Made

My entry to Los Angeles Guild Puppetry’s 48hr puppet film project, 2021. Click to Watch

A tutorial on how to make your own snowman puppet! Click to Watch

My puppetry reel: a selection of various projects I’ve worked on – Click to Watch

Collaborations and Contributions

It’s also really fun to collaborate with friends or contribute to projects led by other people. Here are a few.

Cold Tofu mini documentary: Founded in 1981, Cold Tofu is the nation’s first Asian-American Improv & Comedy group. It will be clear which part I contributed. Click to Watch

Spooky Ooky Halloween: My good friend Mary was making a music video and asked a bunch of friends to contribute. I will never say no to her projects. Click to Watch

1234 Days of Quarantine: Actual 1234 days would be awful, but this is a parody song of Feist’s 1234. My good friend Sarah Ho leads the charge. It will be obvious which part I contributed. Click to Watch